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Ms. Foisy


Welcome to Miss Foisy’s Classroom

I'm looking forward to a wonderful school year. The class and I will be learning a lot this year, and hopefully we'll have a little fun, too!

This web page will be a great tool for the class this year. It will provide one way for teachers, parents, students and other community members to be part of our learning community. Homework, projects, student work, and other valuable information will be available on this web page.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please click here to e-mail me. I would love to hear from you!

Online Resources for our Math series:  This site offers wonderful resources for our Math series.  You can find great activities and practice, sorted by chapter, for parents and students.


Another great tool is Study Island.  This is available for practice in both Math and Reading. Your children have passwords and should know how to use this site.  Have them show you….it’s fun and a great learning tool!  Click below:

Study Island      


What’s for homework?            


Class Homework Date
Social Studies B

Study for 13 Colonies Test tomorrow


Math  C Pg 321 # 4-23 02/26/15
Math D

Pg 321 # 4-23

Social Studies E No homework 02/26/15
Social Studies F

Study for 13 Colonies Test tomorrow






Important Dates







Classroom Policies 

It is very important that parents, students and teachers maintain open communication with one another. A large part of this is an understanding of classroom rules and policies. Please read our classroom policies. If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss any expectations you may have for your student or myself, please email me!



It is extremely important to respect people in the classroom, as well as out in the "real world." Our behavior policy is based totally on mutual respect. Everyone, students and teacher, are expected to respect everyone else. We discussed the meaning of this in the classroom, and everyone is clear about what is expected of him or her. The school rules and guidelines in regard to this issue are outlined in the student handbook and clearly posted in the classroom.



I feel that homework is important because it not only provides another home-school connection, but it also provides students with an additional way to sharpen skills outside the classroom. In fifth grade, the teachers plan to give your child approximately one hour of homework a night. We know students will complete the assignments at varied speeds. If your child spends well beyond one well focused hour to complete assignments, please divide the assignments up within the hour and sign the homework. For example, if I assign two subjects for homework, I would ask that your child spend one half hour on one assignment and one half hour on the remaining assignment. If I see that the homework is not completed but signed by a parent or guardian, the student will not be penalized. If a student has 5 or more unexcused late or missing homework assignments in one quarter, they will receive a detention.


Grading Policy

In the fifth grade, we use many methods to assess student work. Some assignments will be graded with the familiar letter grades A, B, C, D, and F or by using a number representing the percentage of correct answers. On other papers the number of correct responses is written over the total number of problems. Some homework assignments will be graded with a check plus, check, or check minus.


The math grade is an average of tests, quizzes and homework completed during a marking period.  Equal weight is assigned in each of these three areas.  Students begin the marking period with a 100% average in homework.  Ten percentage points are lost every time a student fails to complete an assignment on time.

Social Studies

Students will be graded through the evaluation of test, quizzes and homework.  There are several projects throughout the year and these are weighted as  a test score.