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Woodstock Middle School Music Department - Choral Program

 Choral Program

       There are three choral ensembles at WMS. The 5th/6th Grade Chorus and the 7th/8th Grade Chorus are open to all students. No audition is required. At the beginning of the school year, there is a trial period in which students attend rehearsals and may decide whether or not they would like to commit to joining chorus for the school year. It's a good idea for interested students to take advantage of the trial period to help orient themselves toward reading choral music and learn about basic breathing and warm up techniques. However, students are permitted to join at any point throughout the school year. Interested students should come and see me. The SPICE Chorus is an all-auditioned group of experienced singers, who are held to high musical standards. They are expected to have some knowledge of basic notation and part-singing in a vocal ensemble. In addition they are expected to practice daily. Auditions for SPICE Chorus are held during the last month of the school year. Please contact me if you have questions.

Important Dates


Winter Concert: December 16th

Eastern Region Festival: March 4th and 5th 

Musical: March 18th and 19th 

Spring Concert: May 14th



Annie Practice Files

 Full Performance

Accompaniment Only






Voice Care: Think like an Athlete!

1. Get plenty of sleep: 9-10 hours for teens, 7.5-9 hours for adults

2. Water: drink 8+ glasses per day--this does not include coffee, tea, cola, or energy drinks, which dehydrate you. Vocal folds must be well-hydrated to work well.

3. Healthy diet and exercise will make a real difference in your singing energy and control.

4. Avoid substances that can be drying: caffeine, smoke, some allergy medications.

5. Minimize pain relievers other than Tylenol. Aspirin and NSAID's increase risk of vocal fold hemorrhage.

6. Conserve your voice. Don't sing or talk over loud noise. Avoid vocal fry. Sing wisely, in your proper singing range.

7. Stay in shape-sing every day! Don't skip one day and cram the next.


McClosky Technique: 6 areas of relaxation

1. face (massage gently)

2. tongue (stretch)

3. under jaw (gentle kneading)

4. jaw  (wiggle up and down using hands only)

5. larynx (gently slide side-to-side a minimal distance)

6. neck (nod)


Posture and Breathing:

Feet--apart and one foot ahead


Back--straight, not arched

Shoulders--back, ribcage open

Head--balanced on top of spine

Breath: allow abdominals to expand and contract. Chest is still throughout the breath cycle.


Happy Practicing!