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The ART room

Welcome to the ART room site!  We will be doing a variety of projects throughout the year in a variety of media.  Towards the end of the year in May, we will be having a Student Art Show and Ice Cream Social for all students at WMS.Smile If you have any questions for the Art Room, please do not hesitate to contact me at school.  Here is a breakdown for the year for grade level projects:

Fifth Grade:  We will be doing the Fire Prevention Poster Contest to start the year!  Each year we wait in anticipation for the results of this contest!  We have been very fortunate to have some county level winners most years!  An artist study of Vincent Van Gogh, Alexander Calder, and Henri Matisse will take place after this.  Students will be discovering clay techniques and using the coil method to construct a handbuilt piece.  We will end the year making a petroglyph that will add to the student's knowledge on Native Americans and their culture.

Sixth Grade:  We have started the year by participating in a special contest that Mike Alberts has invited us to work on.  The theme is "What I like about living in Woodstock".  Winning posters will be displayed in the "Moving Walkway" between the State Capitol Building and the Legislative Offices.  Next the students will be involved in a lengthy study of Color Theory.  Students will learn how to make colors mixing various paints and then they will use these skills to create a painting using the primary colors and black and white.  Clay will also be explored and skills will be built upon.  Students will also explore a cultural art project that reinforces social studies lessons.

Seventh Grade:  Students began the year creating an Aborigini art piece.  An abstract color theory painting will be introduced and worked on.  Students will learn how to follow rules in painting and will also learn how to transfer a simple design.  Clay will also be explored and students will learn how to make a bottle using pinch pot methods.  A study of design using tessellations and geometric terms and skills will be applied in a paper format.  Students will also be studying an artist to be determined towards the end of the year.

Eighth Grade:  Students begin the year making a linoleum block print and learning the basics of printmaking.  Drawing Skills are also worked on and students are introduced to grid drawing, shading and other techniques.  Students will explore clay and will learn how to make chukkas, a traditional Peruvian designed plate.  Painting skills will be developed and refined in an artist study of contemporary artists.