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Special Education Grades 5-8

Grade 5:  In 5th grade reading class we are reading short stories.  The focus is to improve reading comprehension.  The students will also be working on graphophonics, context clues, picture clues and text connections.  In 5th grade math we are currently using a program called Touch Money.  This program is being used to assist students in counting money.  The students' ability to count money has already improved quite a bit.  In writing class the students have a list of weekly spelling words.  They take a pretest on Monday and have a test on Friday.  They are also working on parts of speech.

Grade 6:  In 6th grade reading class the students began the year by working on various reading strategies such as active questioning, retelling, sequencing, and text connections.  The students are now reading a book called Chasing Redbird.  They are focusing on identifying the main idea and writing a summary, as well as, comprehension.  In 6th grade math the students are reviewing counting money, place value, skip counting, and odd and even numbers.  The 6th grade writing groups are working on weekly spelling words, subjects and predicates, and persuasive essays.

Grade 8:  The 8th grade students are reading The War with Grandpa.  They are focusing on comprehension, text connections and reading fluency.  The writing class worked on persuasive essays.  They are presently working on poetry.  In math class the students are working on multiplication.  In science class we are learning about volcanos.  At the end of the unit they will be building a volcano and watching it erupt.