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Mrs. Manning's Room

Welcome to Room 107!

Grade 5 Reading:  We will be reading the anthology book for most of the year. After reading in class each day, students will be taking a short comprehension quiz. For each story, students will also be reviewing key vocabulary words, as well.  At the end of each story, students will take a test that will focus on both the vocabulary words and comprehension questions taken directly from the quizzes.  (A study guide will go home approximately a week before each test.)  For the last few months of fifth grade, the group will switch gears and will read several chapter books to end the year.  BOOK REPORTS will begin to be assigned after the Winter Break.  Please remember that your child has been assigned a NIGTLY Reading Log.  He or she is required to read for at least 20 minutes per night (Monday through Friday) and write a one-sentence summary of what was read.  Each entry also requires a parent signature.  All Reading Logs are due on the first school day of each month (November 1, 2013; December 2, 2013; January 2, 2014; February 3, 2014; March 3, 2014; April 1, 2014; May 1, 2014; June 2, 2014; and June 13, 2014).

Grade 5 LA:  Students will take weekly spelling tests.  Most tests will be on Monday.  On the previous Monday, students will be introduced to their words for the week, and a list for at-home study will be stapled in your child's agenda.  Nightly practice is definitely advised. Smile  During the year, students will also be working on word attack (decoding strategies), phonics, grammar, and written expression, as well.

Grade 6 Reading:  We will begin the year by reading the first three "themes" of the 6th grade anthology text book.  In January, we will switch over to reading chapter books for the remainder of the year.  The books we will be reading will include Number the StarsCharlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, and several others.  Periodic BOOK REPORTS will be assigned throughout the year, as well.  Students will be given between 4 and 6 weeks to complete each one, depending on how the assignment falls in the calendar.  

Grade 6 LA:  Students will take a weekly spelling test,typically on a Monday. The words for each week will be given to your child on the previous Monday and will be attached to his or her agenda.  Nightly practice is definitely advised.  Smile  During the year, students will also be working on word attack (decoding strategies), grammar, Daily Oral Language (DOL), and written expression.