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Mrs. Terwilliger's Science Class

Welcome --


In eighth grade science we will be following the current state frameworks as we visit a mix of topics from the realms of

the Life Sciences, Physical Sciences, Earth and Space Sciences and Applied Sciences: Heredity and Evolution

(Endocrine/Reproduction/Genetics), Forces and Motion, Earth In the Solar System (Solar System/ Galaxy/Universe)

and the Science and Technology of Bridges. During our study, we will interweave and practice the basic skills and

methods of scientists, including laboratory skills.


In order to prepare for future high school endeavors, it will also be a major focus this year to learn how to organize

larger amounts of information through note taking (a modified outline form identifying related main ideas, details and

vocabulary), vocabulary link cards (flashcards with a pictorial representation added to help link concepts to prior

knowledge), and concept mapping ( a combination of text and bubbles/boxes to show connections, sequences,

causes/effects). Such organization will lend itself to the use of materials for regular study. Nightly study is expected

with a slightly varying focus each night (see "Study Skills" for nightly study schedule) that encompasses the variety of

sources of information like textbook, class notes (typed and written), as well as worksheets and other homework . It is

always appropriate to read and study notebooks from the start of a unit to where ever we've left off in class, each night.