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Mrs. Carter



SPICE stands for Special Programs in Creative Education.  The SPICE program has been in the Woodstock Public Schools for over thirty years.  WMS believes that academically gifted children frequently possess in varying degrees, characteristics which necessitate a differentiated curriculum.  SPICE attempts to meet the needs of students who have been identified as having above average ability, creativity, and task commitment, which contribute to gifted behavior.  Once a child is in the program they are reevaluated on a continuing basis.  SPICE is designed to provide enrichment activities to many children in the general population, as well as to target special needs of the academically gifted and creatively talented child.  This year, children with strengths in academic areas in sixth, seventh, and eighth grades have been placed in an enrichment language arts/reading class.  Capable students in the fifth grade may be pulled out to participate in SPICE activities once or twice each week. These classes are characterized by additional levels of inquiry and challenge.  In addition, strong mathematicians have been placed in an accelerated math program.  Once each week, Mrs. Carter visits these classes to provide support or challenge for those students who need it.

 The program also offers a variety of academic and creative challenges for all students during the lunch block or after school.   These may include Math club which supports Mathcounts and Math Olympiads; History Day; National Geographic Geography Bee; Creative Writing; Chess; and Public Speaking (run by a parent volunteer). 

 SPICE creative opportunities for talented students are also made available in the areas of Art (with Mrs. Pratt), Music (With Ms. Wood and Mr. Mulvihill)

 If you have questions about the academic program regarding your child, feel free to contact Mrs. Carter or your child’s teachers. 

 Mrs. Christine Carter