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Ms. Maynard




     Due Date

Science Period A

Test Thursday, 2/23

Complete Air in a Syringe p. 26 & 27 Make corrections and return this assignment 2/14



February 14, 2017

Science Period C

Same as A


Science Period D

 Same as A


Science Period E

 Same as A


Science Period F

Same as A






Study Guide below


Science Grade Weights


Tests/Projects 45%

Quizzes 30%

Class work/ hmwk 20%

Participation/agenda 5%


What happens when air particles are compressed?




What happens when air particles are expanded?



What is between gas particles in hydrogen, helium, or ANY gas?



Can ANY gas be compressed?



What is a particle?



Describe the motion of air particles inside a balloon.






When compressed the particles remain the same size and number but in a smaller volume they move closer together evenly spaced.


When expanded the particles have more space between each other, stay the same size, number, and are evenly spaced.


Nothing, empty space



Yes, since all gases have empty space between the particles.


A particle is the smallest piece of a substance that is still that substance.


They bounce off the inside of the balloon and each other, fill the space of the balloon, and are in constant motion evenly spaced apart.