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Mrs. Poehler


Welcome to Mrs. Poehler’s Class!

I'm looking forward to a fantastic school year.  The class and I will be learning a lot this year, and we may even have a little fun, too!

This web page will be a great tool for the class.  It will provide one way for teachers, parents, students and other community members to be part of our learning community.  Homework, projects, student work, and other valuable information will be available on this web page.

If you have any concerns, questions, or suggestions, please click here to e-mail me.  I would love to hear from you!  Also, you may contact me at school: Phone 860-963-6575.


Classroom Policies

It is very important that parents, students and teachers maintain open communication with one another. A large part of this is an understanding of classroom rules and policies. Please read our classroom policies. If you have any concerns, or would like to discuss any expectations you may have for your student or myself, please email me!


It is extremely important to respect people in the classroom, as well as out in the "real world." Our behavior policy is based totally on mutual respect. Everyone, students and teachers, are expected to respect everyone else. We discussed the meaning of this in the classroom, and everyone is clear about what is expected of him or her. The school rules and guidelines in regard to this issue are outlined in the student handbook and clearly posted in the classroom.


Grading Policy

In the fifth grade, we use many methods to assess student work. Some assignments will be graded with the familiar letter grades A, B, C, D, and F.  Others may have a number representing the percentage of correct answers, or the number of correct responses will be written over the total number of problems.


The reading comprehension tests, vocabulary quizzes, homework assignments, and book reports will be averaged to determine the marking period grade.  We will be reading many books in various genres this year. 

 Social Studies

Students will be learning about the early United States history as well as civics, economics, and geography.  They will complete assessments after each unit that will count towards a test grade, learn new vocabulary that will count towards a quiz grade, and complete both homework and classwork projects/assignments that will also be averaged into their final grade. 

Classroom News:



Mrs. Poehler's Homeroom:  Just a reminder that Friday Folders are due every Monday with parent/guardian signature.  If there is no school on Monday, they are expected to be signed on Tuesday (or the very next school day). 




                What’s for homework?            

 Class:                                          Assignment:                                                Due Date:                                          

Homeroom                                  Green Friday Folders Signed                  Every Monday 


Reading (A and F period)   




Social Studies (B  and C period)       


Just another reminder: Student's World Map Project is due tomorrow. Please help your child use the grading rubric to ensure they have followed all proper steps.


Students have been using a World Map to locate and name each country in North America and South America. These worksheets will be due on Wednesday, September 21st.


Students have also been using a State Map to locate the various 50 states. This worksheet will be due on Thursday, September 22nd.



Language Arts (LA) E period

Daily Language Review Monday due tomorrow (9/20th)

DLR Tuesday due Wednesdsay (9/21)

DLR Wednesday due Thursday (9/22)

DLR Thursday due Friday (9/23)

Unit 2 Spelling Test will be on Friday 9/23/16