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Attendance and Absenteeism

 School begins at 8:45 at Woodstock Elementary School.  Students should be in the classroom at or before that time each morning.  Please encourage your students to go directly to the classroom after the bus drops them off.  If the students are car riders, please do your best to get them in the building by 8:40 so they have enough time to travel to the classroom before the bell.

If your student is sick on any particular day, please notify the school nurse (860.928.0471, then press "1" as soon as possible (Mrs. Johnson has an answering machine on 24 hours a day), or the main office if the student is out for another reason.  Even if you have contacted the classroom teacher, the nurse and/or office needs to know as well via phone or email so that the absence can be excused.   Thank you for your cooperation.

Guidelines when students may return to school after illness: "the 24 hour Rule":

24 hours after fever has ended (fever=Temp of 100 and above) without the use of fever reducing medications


24 hours after last episode of vomiting and/or diarrhea


24 hours after first dose of antibiotic for Strep throat.

Report all absences & contagious illnesses (Strep throat, etc.) to the nurse's office.

If any questions about when students may return to school, please call the school nurse (860-928-0471, ext 1).