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Healthy Snack Certification:The Woodstock Public Schools Hot Lunch continues to be certified for the State of Connecticut Healthy Snack Program. All snacks sold are on the State of Connecticut Healthy Snack List. We are also members of the Farm to School Program.

Lunch account restrictions: Due to the overwhelming amount of students with restrictions on their accounts, it has become increasingly difficult for the cafeteria staff to enforce. The individual restrictions such as, the student may buy ice cream on Fridays, or cookie on Tuesdays, or pretzels on Thursdays etc. has increased considerably. Therefore, when restricting students account we are only allowing “lunches only “. If you wish to restrict your child’s account please send cash for snack, ice cream or drink purchases. This is necessary to get students through the lunch line quickly enough so that they have a sufficient amount of time to eat their lunches. In order to understand the issue, please consider the number of students the cafeteria serves each day.

Pre Pays:In order to assure that the proper account is credited, please include student name and or pin numbers on all checks for deposit in student accounts.  Please keep in mind that IOU’s are allowed for lunches only.  Please pay IOU’s promptly. Thank you!

For menus and more information on the Lunch program please visit the Woodstock Public Schools web site.  Applications for free and reduced lunches are available in the Principals office. Thank you for your participation in our program!

Music News submitted by P. Langer

Notes of appreciation are extended to parents for keeping music alive this summer!  It was great seeing so many students at Crystal Pond Day Camp.  Singing songs and playing music games under the trees and breeze brought sunny days.  It was also a pleasure to spread the joy of music at Camp Northwood, here at WES.  Our music week focused on the Broadway Show, “The Lion King.”  Students worked so hard putting on a hot show in August for parents.

After the past summer, it was a joy hearing children’s voices ring in the new school year.  The year ahead is sure to bring unique harmonies to music classes.  Here are some of the highlights so far.  Kindergarten students have focused on nursery rhyme songs.  One of our favorites was dramatizing “Hickory Dickory dock.”  We used a mouse puppet, clock manipulative, a resonator bell for the hour and a tone block for the tick-tock.  Students took turns on the instruments and learned to share and tell time.  Grade 2 students are learning all about symbols.  We’ve identified the quarter rest and the use of the fermata.  Through a song called “Make a Friend” we found that the fermata indicates to hold a note longer than its written value.  Lots of good posture supported our melody making.  The Grade 3 classes decided to incorporate the hot climate we’ve had.  Our focus was on Jungle Music.  The students added xylophones to many songs as well as animal interludes.  We also learned the term ”improvisation.”  Our unit touched upon the music of Africa in our listening examples.

The 4th grade chorus took the opposite approach from the third grade.  We started singing winter music in the 90 degree heat to cool off.  A review of repeat signs kept us flipping pages in the song, “A Christmas Madrigal.”  Following choral music is news to this grade level.  We are practicing following 2 part music.  Our winter concert will be sometime in December at Hyde School.  There will be more details once an exact date is established.  Concert dress will be the traditional white shirts/blouses and black/navy bottoms for both the night concert and our daytime school assembly.

If you love books, I am looking for volunteers to help in the Library.  Please contact Lida Carroll at 860-928-0471 or email me at carrolll@woodstockschools.net