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Mrs. Rioux - rules




                                                    Mrs. Rioux’s Classroom Rules


Rules are necessary to ensure a safe and protected environment where your child may come to learn without fear.  Routines and procedures are set in place so your child may participate successfully in all classroom activities and to ensure more on-task time and fewer disruptions.


 1.              Raise your hand and wait to be called on.

2.              Follow directions the first time they are given.

3.              Be respectful and kind to everyone in the classroom.

4.              Use appropriate language and voice level in the classroom.

5.              No talking when someone else is speaking or sharing.




Good notes home (random)   Praise (daily)                    Smiles (daily)                   

Movies (monthly)              Extra center time (weekly)   

Pizza parties                    Prizes/candy (daily)                    

Extra-recess (weekly)          Free- time passes (random)   Sit with a friend (random)

Stickers (daily)                 


         I appreciate your cooperation and understanding of the rules set in place for this year.  I feel we will have a successful year together.  My ultimate goal is for the students to take responsibility for their actions and to achieve self-discipline.  I want to teach responsibility and create a learning environment.