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WES Teachers

Display # 
Your Name Position Phone
Carroll, L. 2nd Grade 860-928-0471
Ponte, A. Enrichment 860-928-0471
Rollinson, F. K-2 Special Education 860-928-0471
Shaw, C. K-2 Special Education 860-928-0471
Frazier, L. Music 860-928-0471
Williams, C. 2nd Grade 860-928-0471
Danforth, C. Physical Education 860-928-0471
Morin, K. Reading K-2 860-928-0471
Moseley, S. Speech Pathologist 860-963-6575
Dunnack, E. Library Media 860-928-0471
Ives, R. Computer 860-928-0471